Zebra Blackout Rollup Window Shadings

Zebra Blackout Window Shadings are a great choice if you are looking for a window shade with privacy and light control. These shades are as functional as they are beautiful and will compliment any home decor. Zebra Window Shadings are elegant as well as sturdy. These window shades provide a variety of light and privacy control options, giving you complete control of your environment. The Zebra Shade diffuses light and darkens the room when in the closed position. Zebra Shades have a slight moire view to them and will block most of the light when the vanes are overlapped. Enhance your home decor with the beauty of Zebra Window Shadings.

• Striped fabric across two layers creates an open/close effect, to control light & privacy
• Simply adjust the bands to get the exact mix of natural light & privacy
• 100% Polyester Fabric Louvers are blackout when overlapped and sheer when not
• Helps control heat, while allowing some light in, making your home environment more comfortable
• Continuous Loop Chain Drive Lift System comes standard. See headrail colors in the Available Options section below
• Cordless and Motorization available (max height is 72" for cordless). See pics in the Available Options section below
• Cordless comes with a white cassette valance. Cordless adds $ 39
• Motorization by AOK Motors adds $ 149. Remote (1, 6 or 16 channel avail) adds $ 39
• Mounting Hardware & Install Screws are included with most products
• Lifetime warranty against defects in parts and workmanship
• Usually ships within 3-5 working days
• Free FedEx ground shipping on all orders




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Mount: Available as Inside or Outside Mount
Lift Types: Comes Standard with Chain Drive Cord Lift. Cordless option. Motorized without Remote. Motorized with Remote.

Headrail Colors

Cordless Lift
Adds $ 39
Minimum Cordless width is 18"
Max Height is 72"

Adds $ 149

View of 12v Motorized Unit

Fabric Colors

Zebra Blackout White
Zebra Roller Window Shadings
Zebra Blackout Light Brown
Zebra Roller Window Shadings
Zebra Blackout Brown
Zebra Roller Window Shadings
Zebra Blackout Coffee
Zebra Roller Window Shadings
Product Specifications

Minimum Width 12"
Minimum Height 12"
Maximum Width 94"
Maximum Height 94"
(72" for cordless)
Approximate Deductions for an Inside Mount
Headrail Deductions
Fabric Deductions

1 1/8"

Motorized Lift Specs & Info

Motorized Minimum Width 23"
Motorized Minimum Height 12"
Motorized Maximum Width 94"
Motorized Maximum Height 94"
Motor brand is AOK and has a 3 year warranty. Battery comes fully charged and lasts 4-6 months. Charger included and takes approx 4 hours to recharge.

Installation Requirements

Minimum Inside Mount Depth 3/4"
Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed) 3 1/4"
Minimum Outside Mounting Surface 3/4"
Approx Deductions for an Outside Mount
Headrail ADDITION (added to ordered size)
Fabric Deductions

+ 3/16"
- 3/4"

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